Homeschool Testing Season and Other Happenings at Center for Neuro Development

While I administer tests all year around, most of my families test between April and June. These months are especially busy around our home office and beyond. Some families have been a part of my schedule for over 20 years. Others have come for the first time this year. Many families have used my non-test assessment as a jumping off point to other tests – CAT, SAT and ITBS which I also administer. At the same time some families enjoy having younger children do the non-test assessment in my office, while older ones do the CAT in another room.

This testing season coincides with the end of the school year for Academy Northwest, an accredited private school with an extension program for homeschoolers – truly a blend between private school and independent homeschooling. This means grades, graduation and other activities. I began working with Family Academy / Academy Northwest in 1994. I continue to enjoy this affiliation to this day and am making plans for the new school year beginning in September!

In 2003, I began another affiliation with the International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists, receiving certification in 2007. Using the neurodevelopmental approach I help families overcome learning struggles. By discovering the underlying missing pieces in development, parents can learn activities that will stimulate brain development. Evaluations and brain training serve to help families achieve academic progress.

For several years, we have used technology to deliver products and services to our families. ( During the last year we have increased the use of technology and are workng with Family Academy / Academy Northwest to help families with “Family Directed Education.” This is an ongoing process of development, but here are ways that we can help you now:

Family Academy’s Able to Teach – Parent Training Course delivered online.

Alpha Omega’s Ignitia (formerly Switched On Online) online curriculum for grades 4-12 .

Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord – A Learning Accelerator with over 250 studies show that students advance 1-2 years in 8-12 weeks. We enroll students for 10 week sessions 5 times a year.

Online Spanish – (Choice of Ignitia, Rosetta Stone, Pimsleur for daily work; Spanish in 10 Minutes A Day for weekly conversation classes of up to 5 students)

Online Economics / Composition –Students read books (Uncle Eric / Politically Incorrect – Austrian Model) and post assignments on a Coursesites class – including writing -working on their own level from paragraphs to essays or position papers.

Family Support, Brain Training, Evaluations and Non-Test Assessments are also available online. If you have any questions about any of these options, singly or in combination, or for services offered by my colleagues, contact us at: or We can make an appointment to discuss in detail your questions.