Personal Reflections – 9

photo (9)As we approach the middle of August, our thoughts begin to consider the coming school year. Many of my students are taking off more time than I needed for moving and initial settling into our new home. As I begin slowly, it allows me to continue to get settled. We are doing end of the year assessments for homeschoolers and six-month for others (Brain Training, Fast ForWord, Reading Assistant, ANW). We are available for assessments and for Family Support as we begin this new school year.
As I write this, it has been close to four weeks since we left Lakewood and exactly three weeks since we arrived in Bartlesville. During the last four weeks we traveled over 2,000 miles pulling our van behind a 26’ U-Haul truck. We took possession of a 850 square foot 2 bedroom, 1 bath apartment in Bartlesville. Having had the equivalent of a 1000 square foot 3 bedroom home we have been downsizing. When we left, we had no idea if we had disposed of enough items. We are still disposing of items. Though everything is not out of boxes yet, we are gaining ground. One way to measure that is that there is more floor space that needs to be swept or vacuumed.

Another way to measure our progress is that in three weeks we have:
• obtained Oklahoma Driver’s Licenses,
• changed our car registration to Oklahoma,
• shopped at all of the grocery stores and narrowed it down to two main ones that we will use,
• obtained library cards,
• set up both of our work spaces (though not totally organized),
• found a spot in the middle of our living room for our easy chairs (after years of using our living room as a classroom with tables and chairs),
• attended all of the main meetings of Grace Baptist Church and each of us have gone to a Bible Study (Ladies / Men).
A year ago we visited Bartlesville and Grace Baptist Church seeking God’s guidance. As we left we said to ourselves that our plan was to move to Bartlesville and we left those plans in God’s hands to confirm or redirect. In a similar way we can say with Abraham’s servant, “I being in the way, the Lord led me.” Genesis 24:27
Before we began this Personal Reflections journey, we had just finished reading through and reviewing the Brain Rules by Dr. John Medina. While I may add to my Personal Reflections from time to time, I am ready to begin thinking again about a topic that was brought to my attention last November. As a volunteer at Care Net (for 12 years – teaching parenting classes in Spanish), I was sent a notification of an event put on by Parenteen ( offering free clock hours for teachers. I thought it would be about teens who are parents, but it was about parenting teens. This brought up the whole concept of teenagers. Gathering material from this organization, the speaker (Chap Clark), CareNet and other resources, I want to explore these people in our society that we call teenagers. I invite you to join me on this exploration.

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Personal Reflections – 8

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Moving In Day – July 26, 2014

To start the day we met at Grace Baptist Church where the young men of the church treated us with a hearty breakfast. From there, we proceeded to our apartment and these young men unloaded our truck and happily put boxes and furniture in the rooms where we directed them. Many of the boxes were labeled well, but the last boxes were only taped up in the rush of loading up the truck a week earlier. We enjoyed getting to know them a little better. Finally, they all left us to begin the process that only we can do… put things away. Our new pastor returned later to see how we were doing. After a few hours of work, we retired in our own bed for the first time in eight days.

July 27, 2014
We attended Sunday services which included: a baptism of one of the young men who helped us out, great preaching, the Lord’s Supper and a special appreciation meal for the retiring pianist. Members of Grace Baptist Church made us feel at home.
Now each day we do a little more to organize our new home so we can function fully within a week and acquaint ourselves with our new home – post office, stores, car registration, driver’s licenses, accessing the VA Medical Center for Ronnie and I will need to be looking at Medicare Advantage plans.

July 30, 2014
We broke our record of having difficulty arriving on time today when we arrived one hour early to the Wednesday evening meal and prayer time at Grace Baptist. This hour allowed additional time to get to know one of the elders more.

August 2, 2014
We unloaded the truck a week ago and we still have boxes around, but we are making progress. We have to pace ourselves. We have been to two post offices, two grocery stores, Wal Mart and Lowes. We also visited Billie’s Health Food Center and the Farmer’s Market. Our goal is to find which stores will meet a part of our shopping needs. There are three more grocery stores on our list. Our washer and dryer will be delivered in four days.

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