About Us

Maggie Dail was raised in a military family and moved around much during her childhood. She was raised in a Christian home. After high school she earned a BA from Faith Baptist Bible College in Christian Education, Missions and Bible in 1972. She earned a BA in Elementary Education in 1980 from Cedarville College and an MA in Special Education from Adams State College in 1989. She has lived in Spanish speaking countries (Costa Rica, Spain) for around 17 years as a military dependent, student, and missionary schoolteacher. She is certified in the State of Washington to teach: Elementary K-8; Special Education K-12; Reading K-12 and Spanish K-12. She also maintains certification in these areas with the Association of Christian Schools International. During her years as a teacher in schools and working with homeschoolers she has searched for more tools to help students who have learning struggles. Maggie found that the neurodevelopmental approach provides the help that solve students’ learning difficulties, not just accommodate for them.  Maggie trained  in an independent study/internship program with the International Christian Association of Neurodevelopmentalists and is a certified Neurodevelopmentalist at the Associate Professional level.


Ronnie Dail was also raised in a military family and traveled some overseas with the U.S. Air Force. His duties include all the behind the scenes work of our vocation. He keeps track of the finances, manages our computers and processes orders. He has years of administrative experience as an Air Force Administration Specialist as well as Owner / Manager of Amazing Christian Literature Center, Master Enterprises Learning Center and Center for Neuro Development. He is a July 1998 graduate of Business Computer Training Institute. They both consider worship services at Grace Baptist Church to be the highlight of their week.

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