Are Warnings Against RF Radiation Valid?



Dr. Joseph Mercola recently addressed the issue of the dangers of Wireless Technology:

Is Wireless Technology Dooming a Generation to Ill Heath?

Included in his article is a 2016 video of ABC’s Wi-Fried?

While there are studies indicating an association between RF Radiation and Cancer, including Brain and Heart problems, many are not concerned because the studies in their minds have not be replicated.  One problem is that it takes more time for problems to arise. Surviving population in Japan after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki did not show ill effects of the radiation until 40 years later.

My phone states the following in the Legal/Health and Safety section of settings:

“This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.”

In another part of this section, it says of the studies that do show an association that “these studies fail to be replicated.”  They go on to say that the following precautions should be taken:

1. Reduce exposure by reducing time.

2. Use speaker mode or a headset putting more distance between the body and the device.

While we cannot avoid all exposure here are some actions that we can take to protect ourselves and our children:

  1. Do not introduce this technology to infants and young children.
  2. Use the airplane mode as much as possible.
  3. Use wired technology when at all possible.
  4. Turn off router at night, locate it as far from the bedroom as possible.
  5. Use cell phones as far from the body as possible (speaker mode and hands-free devices).
  6. Eliminate the use of microwaves (toaster/convection ovens are a good alternative).
  7. Store devices in a Faraday bag. as much as possible.


Throughout the ABC presentation, they made many comparisons to how long it took for the ill effects of tobacco to be well-accepted.  Are we going down that same road with wireless technology?





Annual Assessments for Homeschoolers

CFND Pencils LogoBy Maggie Dail, Learning Specialist


Many homeschooling parents begin to think about the annual assessments for their children at this time of the year. In around 20 states these tests are required by their homeschool laws. Washington State is one of those and allows for two types – standardized and non-test assessments.


  • Standardized tests – While some are administered in online formats, they have traditionally been administered by having the student fill in the bubbles on an answer sheet. They are then normed and standardized meaning that they tell you how your child compares to a representative 99 others. Further, they are to be administered according to set rules and times.
  • Non-test Assessments – In the Washington State homeschool law these are not defined per se, but they are to be administered by a certified teacher currently working in the field of education.  Since the assessments are not defined, qualified test administrators use a variety of measures – some more subjective and others more objective.


Whether your state requires annual assessments or not, you can gain valuable information from these experiences. Other than “the homeschool law requires assessments” these may prompt you to have your children tested:

  • Assess a starting point in your homeschooling (given before you begin or early on).   Using the same instrument of assessment before and after provides comparable scores.
  • Assess whether the curriculum, learning styles or methods you are using are helping your child learn.
  • Provide preparation for your child to take college entrance tests in the future.
  • Provide objectives or ideas for study for the next year, semester or month.
  • Provides a “third party” assessment of the academic process
  • Identifies areas that the child may need some additional help.


Unlocking Learning Potential provides non-test assessments for homeschoolers in any state via video conferencing:


Non-Test Assessment – NTA (qualifies for WA State homeschoolers)


  • PIAT-R (Peabody Individual Achievement Test-Revised) Given orally – General Information, Reading Recognition, Reading Comprehension, Math, and Spelling.
  • Optional – evaluation of a one-page writing sample – corrected with criteria that you receive along with an instructional lesson for one area of concern.
  • Neurodevelopmental Screening (auditory and visual processing; dominance).
  • A brief consultation with parents.
  • NTA Report.
  • Fulfills requirement for annual homeschool assessment in Washington State.
  • Standard Price – $60.00
  • Optional: Writing Sample Assessment – $25.00
  • Optional: Learning Style Analysis – $25.00
  • Especially good for younger students and those who have a difficulty in taking tests.
  • Time: About 1 ½ hour for the student and time with the parent to discuss results and answer questions.


In addition, diagnostic assessments are available using KeyMath.


KeyMath-R serves as a supplement to the Brain Training Assessment or Non-Test Assessment or as a stand-alone diagnostic math test for pre-high school skills. Success for high school math depends on a good foundation.  Cost: $60.00 Time: About 1 ½ to 2 hours.


If especially interested in assessing math, but want this to be the annual assessment, spelling and reading can be added.


Should you suspect a learning challenge, the annual assessment could be turned into a:


Brain Training Assessment – BTA


Includes all of the Non-Test Assessment, plus with parent completed forms, the Learning Specialist designs an Individualized Neurodevelopmental Plan (list of activities to stimulate the brain to encourage development) to complete at home with our support.  Cost: $150


Depending on the results of the NTA or the BTA and the goals of the parents, families may be offered access to one or more of our professional accounts with Scientific Learning’s Fast ForWord or Reading Assistant, HearBuilder and Sensory Enrichment Therapy.  Also, parents may choose to add Brain Training as ongoing support provided via video conferencing.


Another option for determining abilities that need to be developed Unlocking Learning Potential provides Structure of Intellect online assessment, training modules, and support.


Structure of Intellect Assessment (SOI)


Dr. J.P. Guilford designed an assessment that decreased the attrition rate of dropouts out of pilots during WWII. Drs.  Mary and Robert Meeker further developed this model of assessing and training different learning abilities.


Assessment Cost: $150.00

Training Materials and Support: $100.00


For more information regarding our services:


We are currently scheduling through the end of June.